Course curriculum

    1. Want to increase your chances of landing a deal? Pay Attention.

    1. Demystifying The Investor

    1. How Inventors Can Think Like Investors

    2. The Investable Stages Of An Invention

    1. The Importance of a Patent

    1. Your Up Front Work Will Pay Off

    1. Marketing Your Invention

    2. Sell Sheet Template and Tips

Invention Submission Through The Eyes Of The Investor

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  • 14 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Finally See It Through The Eyes Of The Investor

Tips on what to do and what NOT to do if you want to land that dream deal.

  • One Hour Of Video Content

    Take in one hour of interview-style video between Marc Portney and his Director Of M&A, Brian Scanlon.

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    Download PDF takeaways created by Marc Portney and his team to help supplement your learning.

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